Kristee’s New Zealand Bucket List

Rather than us telling you how great New Zealand is we thought we would let someone else tell you why they really want to come here.

Kristee from the Philippines told us what is on her bucket list for a visit to NZ. She will be busy and buzzing!

My Bucket List: What to Do in New Zealand

If there are a few things you’d like to do in your life, there’s probably no better place to do some of them than in New Zealand, The country looks like it will never cease to surprise and astonish, enthral and thrill, inspire and educate…

Here are a few things I would love to do there


Jump out of a plane! Yeah, it’s an adventure playground and many places from north to south provide this maybe once-in-a-lifetime chance to skydive (tandem). So perhaps make it part of your New Zealand checklist. Ah, don’t just think but do! The view is always different when the clouds are your company some 12000 or so feet up in the air, jumping above places Lake Wanaka, Taupo or Queenstown…look out below—snow and lakes and mountains that are simply spectacular!

Jump off a bridge! And no, it won’t be considered suicidal if you have a bungy cord around your ankles. Jump off  the Auckland Harbour Bridge (bridge climb included) or the grandfather of all these adrenaline-inducing places at the historic Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown. Or many others throughout NZ. Literally a leap of faith…the experience should be part of your bucket list as it had been part of mine. After all, Bungy was invented in New Zealand.

Go down under!  No I don’t mean to another destination. I meant going to those New Zealand attractions in the form of caves that are considered as some of the most spectacular underground cave systems in the world. Ever heard of Harwood’s Hole or the Waitomo caves? Here, you’ll experience getting squeezed, packed, dangled and even “glow-wormed”. Getting down and dirty had never been this exciting.

Ride the waves! And it’s not just on water. I meant on snow in Canterbury, Otago or Central North. Scream like crazy until you can’t hear yourself and conquer any other fears that may be left. You whip left, glide right—the snow is magical and big time terrific as it scatters in your wake!

Finally take it easy. Yes, after all those wild crazy excursions, it pays to wind down with some much-needed relaxation. But not without a trek through stunning tracks nor a quiet kayak through lazy waters first! Explore Whanganui, Abel Tasman, Rakiura (Stewart Island), Milford (Fiordland) or many of the other spectacular parks. All you’ll need is that gear and some friends along for the trip. Or wander past heritage attractions or shopping areas in the cities.  Visit museums and galleries or stunning beaches. And all the time indulge in great food and wine!

Positively notorious for its many recreations, I think I’ll find myself stuck with more than enough to fill my NZ bucket list. You’ll never have to ask what you have to do in New Zealand, just challenge yourself and live for the moment… Or just take it easy!

I can’t wait to go!

Photo Courtesy NZONE Skydive Queentown

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