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Tourism Advertising & Listings - Frequently Asked Questions.

What sort of listings are available?
We offer Banner Listings, Web Page Listings, Photo listings, Enhanced listings, basic listings, and basic listings with a reciprocal link. Each has a different degree of visibility on our sites.

Which listing types work best?
Enhanced listings get more visitors than basic listings. Photo listings get more than enhanced listings. Web pages get significantly more visitors than all of the others. Banner listings get more than anything else.

Like all advertising, you get what you pay for, but the best value for money based on performance is a Web Page listing or a Banner (limited numbers only).

How much do listings cost?
That depends on the listing type (see the 'Tourism Advertising' page) . Paid listings are for 1 year in 3 directories ( and plus a regional directory if relevant (eg

This gives your listing:-
Web page and / or photo if a web page or photo listing.
Priority placement (first page of category listings in Great New Zealand)
Extra text
Extra categories and regions if required .
Regional directory listing (only paid listings appear in the regional directories)

Please contact us for pricing - you might be surprised how reasonable the pricing is for what you get!

How long is a featured listing for?
Featured listings are priced for one year.

How many categories can I have?
As a featured listing you can go in as many relevant ones as you like. You can also have listings in several regions if relevant to your business (small extra cost). As a free basic listing you can have only one.

Can I have different text for each of my extra listings?
Yes, just a small extra cost and each listing can have a different heading and text

Why would I want extra categories?
Many businesses have dual focuses – like apartment hotels. They might want to be in the hotels category, and the apartments category. Many B&Bs also have self contained cottages – so they might like to be in the B&B and also holiday homes categories.

Are there any categories exclusively for paid listings?
Yes, the Travel Deals and Bookings categories are exclusively for paid listings. If you regularly have a booking deal running you can go here only as a paid listing. Only paid listings or basic listings with reciprocal links appear in the regional directories.

Where do I get listed?
We list you in and also Your one off listing fee pays for both for one year. We also list you in one of our regional directories eg Queentown Travel Guide.

What does priority placement mean to me?
In Great New Zealand it means you are on the first page of results for your category / area, and any of your competitors with free basic listings are only on the second page of results.

People using the directory will see your listing and will probably not see your competitors as they are “buried” on the next page.

What order are listings in?
Web pages, then Photo listings and then Enhanced listings. These are always above free basic listings. Then the order is random every time it is viewed, so that even if your listing starts with “z” you get equal time at the top of the list.

Where can I see the difference between the different listing types?
See the Tourism Advertising page for this information.

What happens if everyone has a paid listing?
It won’t happen, as we have limits on the total number of paid listings on the sites. That way a small number of advertising partners will always get better profile that everyone else. This is not the case with some other directories which have upgraded everyone so you were lost in the crowd again and had to upgrade even further.

What happens when a category reaches the limit for paid listings?
Those who are there as paid listings will always have renewal priority. Any one still not a paid listing misses out until there is a space. It’s first in first served and we strongly support those who are loyal to us!

How can I look up my current listing?
Go to the search box on the top right of our home page. Put in the main part of your domain name and click “Search Great New Zealand”. Now you can drill down to the actual page that your listing is on by clicking on the right hand end of the link below your listing. Don’t forget, as you have a free basic listing at present you may need to click on “show more listings” when you get there.

I think I did that wrong – where is my listing?
Maybe you forgot the “show more listings” link? But just contact us and we will tell you the exact url of your listings.

Why do some listings have extra text?
They are paid listings so have the extra text as part of the deal .

How much extra text do I get as a paid listing?
Paid listings get an extra 255 characters of text (including spaces). That’s over and above the 100 characters for the hotlink and heading tagline. Of course, a Web Page also gets 400 words more of text, 4 photos and contact info as well.

What else do I get?
Our attention is on trying to always maximise the benefit to enhanced listings over and above the free basic ones. Web pages are specifically "optimised" to help them work in search engines. We hope we treat all partners as “special” but we like paid listing partners to feel “extra special”! We try to send out a regular newsletter with web marketing tips to help you in your business. Your success contributes to our success and vice/versa!

I want photos – do you do that?
Yes, on a Photo listing. See the Advertising page.

How do I change my current listing without upgrading?
No problem, just contact us with the changes.

How long have the directories been going?
Destination NZ since around 1996. Great New Zealand since around 2003. The regional directories went online in 2007 but are being promoted actively and the visitor numbers are growing steadily.

Do the sites work?
We beleive so, and the fact that most clients renew with us is hopefully evidence of that. We are also a web marketing company so are constantly doing the web marketing to improve the sites’ performance on the net and to make them work even better.

What plans do you have to keep improving the sites?
Our plans are endless and we are constantly thinking of more. Watch this space or check out the sites - they change regularly! More sites are also planned.

What do I have to do to go ahead with a paid listing?
Just contact us to let us know. Then, either you can write the text or we will. The listing goes live for a week for you to check it and we invoice you. When you have paid it goes fully live for a year.

I have more questions, what do I do?
Just contact us and ask! We can email or phone you with answers. To contact us, our number is 07 866 3929. Ask for Ron, Judie or Karen.

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